Document Management System

Document digitizing provides numerous advantages and added value to businesses and individuals alike. By converting physical documents into digital formats, accessibility and portability are enhanced, allowing for easy retrieval and sharing of information. It streamlines workflow processes, reduces storage costs, and enables efficient searching and indexing. Moreover, digitized documents are less susceptible to loss or damage, ensuring long-term preservation and enabling effective data analysis.

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Data Entry

It is a process of entering or inputting data into a computer system or database. It involves manually transcribing information from physical documents, electronic sources, or other formats into a digital format.

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Data Validation

The process of ensuring that data entered into a computer system or database is accurate, consistent, and meets specified criteria or requirements. It involves checking the integrity, validity, and reliability of the data to maintain data quality and prevent errors or inconsistencies.

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Document Collection

We follow the process of gathering and assembling the necessary documents and records from various sources to complete a specific task or fulfill a requirement. It can involve collecting physical documents, digital files, or a combination of both. Document collection is commonly required for activities such as application processes, audits, compliance, research, or legal purposes.

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Meta Data Processing

Metadata processing refers to the management and manipulation of metadata, which is descriptive information about a piece of data or a document. Metadata provides context, structure, and additional information about the data, helping to organize, search, and understand it more effectively.

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Record Management services

Our Services refer to outsourced services provided by specialized companies to help organizations efficiently manage their records throughout their lifecycle. These services typically include the storage, retrieval, organization, protection, and disposal of physical and electronic records.

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Cheque Truncation Data Entry services

Cheque truncation data entry services involve the manual entry of data from physical cheques into electronic systems as part of the cheque truncation process.Where physical cheques are converted into electronic images and the paper cheques are no longer required for further processing.

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Applications forms Processing under finacial inclusion

Application form processing in the context of financial inclusion refers to the handling and processing of application forms submitted by individuals or businesses seeking financial services or products to promote financial inclusion.

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Scanning services

Scanning services refer to the professional service of converting physical documents, images, or other materials into digital format using specialized scanning equipment and software. Scanning services are commonly used to digitize large volumes of documents, records, photos, and other visual content for various purposes, such as archiving, document management, information sharing, and preservation.

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Web hosting of scanned images

Web hosting of scanned images refers to the process of storing and making digitized documents or images available on a web server for access and viewing over the internet. It involves uploading the scanned images to a web hosting provider's server and configuring them for web-based access.

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Number Management system

A Number Management System (NMS) is a software or system that helps organizations manage and control telephone numbers or other numerical resources. Which enables efficient allocation, tracking, and administration of numbers, ensuring effective management of telecommunications resources.