Software Solutions

Our Software solution is designed to address a specific problem, automate a process and provide a service to track all activities. We leverage technology to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve desired outcomes.

Document Management Software icon

Document Management Software

Our Document Management Software (DMS) software solution is designed to manage, organize, store, and track electronic documents and files within an organization.Which helps businesses streamline their document-related processes, enhance collaboration, ensure document security, and improve overall efficiency in handling information.

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CKYC Automation

Our CKYC (Centralized Know Your Customer) automation technology and software solutions to streamline and automate the process of capturing and verifying client information as mandated by the CKYC guidelines.Our centralized repository that enables financial institutions to access and share customer KYC information across different entities, reducing duplication of effort and enhancing efficiency in KYC compliance.

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ERP Solutions

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions software systems that integrate and manage core business processes and data across various functional areas. Our ERP software provides a centralized database and a suite of modules to streamline operations, optimize resources, and facilitate effective decision-making.

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Core Banking software

Our CBS Enables banks and financial institutions to manage their core banking operations, including customer accounts, transactions, and other essential banking functionalities. It serves as the backbone of a bank's operations, providing a comprehensive suite of modules and tools to support various banking services.

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Payment Service solutions

Our software systems and platforms that facilitate and manage various aspects of payment processing, enabling businesses to accept and process payments from customers through multiple channels. We provide solutions typically to provide the infrastructure and tools required to securely handle payment transactions, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with payment industry standards.

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Contact Center Software & Solutions

We use tools and platforms designed to streamline and enhance the operations and customer interactions of contact centers. Which provides solutions to a wide range of features and capabilities to manage and optimize inbound and outbound communications, customer support, and overall contact center performance.